Нутром чувствую что кинуть хотят


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Возможно этп схема кидка кому то знакома?

Нашел товар (автомобиль)
На британском ибее.
Без аукциона. Просто связь с продавцом.
Связался по почте. Страница на ибее исчезла.
Продавец предлагает следующее:


Since I am in the Isle of Man there are only 2 ways to do this sale:

* The first option is to use a transport company that deals with the transaction, vehicle and the money as escrow. I travel for my work and I do not have time to bring the vehicle and I think your free time is limited too, so this is the perfect way to make things easier, fast and safe for both of us. I will pay the company, so you will not pay extra money then the vehicle price. You will get the vehicle to your home address, and you can check the vehicle before making the final decision. I think this is the perfect way for us.*

* The second option is by using PayPal pay after delivery service:*https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/pay-after-delivery-terms

Please let me know how you want to continue with this transaction and I will provide more details.


По сути предлагает отправить авто покупателю и лишь потом покуратель оплачивает. ПРОШУ ПРИСЛАТЬ ВИДЕО КАК РАБОТАЕТ АВТО. Говорит что не рядом с ней.

Потом пишет такое:

Re: Re[6]: 1982-AC-Cobra-Kit-Car

От:Kevin M Clark <kevin.m.clark@nhsy.co.uk>Подробнее&Сегодня, 01:48&

I can't take a video right now.I recently moved and forgot to change my location. Currently in the Isle of Man, I am offering free shipping. We can do everything through the transport company, uShip, they are taking care of everything and they can arrange a delivery to your address. If this is going to be a quick sale, I will let it go for £9,800 with the delivery charges included. If you decide to buy the vehicle let me know, as I have a lot of people inquiring about and send me an e-mail with your full details (Full name, Address, Phone number). As soon as I have your details I will pass them to the shipping company and they will start the procedures. Next step they will get in touch with you and send you an invoice for the vehicle, the tracking number to check the status of the delivery at any time and all the rest of the transaction details. After you've received the invoice you'll need to make the payment by bank transfer to the transport company (NOT to me) and they will hold the money into their bank account until you receive, inspect and agreed to keep the vehicle. For the buyer's peace of mind I've also added a 5 DAYS REFUND POLICY so if you won't like the vehicle, you'll receive a full refund, no fees or taxes deducted. If the vehicle is not as described, the transport company will transfer the money back into your bank account. If you decide to keep the vehicle after the 5 days inspection period, you will need to sign the owner transfer papers and only then I will get the money from the transport company.

Может тупо фирмв по доставке помойка где нибудь в оффшоре?